Free Trade Agreement Us Vietnam

1. The Contracting Parties may establish or maintain a State enterprise or grant to any enterprise, formally or effectively, exclusive or special privileges for the import and export of the products listed in Annex C, provided, however, that that enterprise acts in its purchases or sales, either with regard to imports or exports, in a manner consistent with the general principles of non-discrimination set out in this Agreement: is consistent with measures taken by the State with a view to import or export by individuals. Merchant. 2. paragraph 1 of this Article requires such undertakings to make such purchases or sales, with due regard to the other provisions of this Agreement, exclusively in accordance with commercial considerations, including price, quality, availability, marketing, transport and other conditions of purchase or sale, and to offer reasonable opportunities to undertakings of the other Party; to compete, in accordance with usual business practices, participation in such purchases or sales. 3. Paragraph 1 of this Article shall not apply to the importation of products intended for direct or permanent consumption in use by the State and for other purposes of resale or use in the manufacture of goods for sale. With respect to such imports, each Party shall accord fair and equitable treatment to the other Party`s trade. IiA Navigator This database of IAs – the IIA browser – is managed by UNCTAD`s IIA Section. You can browse the IIAs concluded by a particular country or group of countries, view the recently concluded ais or use the extended contract search for demanding research tailored to your needs.

Please cite UNCTAD, International Investment Agreements Navigator, available under The BTA is the most comprehensive trade agreement Vietnam has signed to date. Below you will find a number of links with additional information about the BTA. Several reports above in the list of links contain readable summaries and/or explanations of what the BTA covers and means. Please note that non-U.S. government sites and reports do not represent the views of the U.S. government and are not relevant interpretations of the BTA. First, the optimism and excitement of Vietnam`s economic outlook is being felt. It is a large and rapidly growing market for members of the U.S. Chamber. The country has experienced robust GDP growth in recent years, fuelled by a combination of foreign trade, large migration flows and internal economic reforms. For the purposes of this Chapter: (1) `confidential information` means business secrets, inside information and other undisclosed information which, under the domestic law of the Party, has not been subject to unlimited public disclosure. 2.

`coded programme-carrying satellite signal` means a programme-carrying satellite signal transmitted in the form of modification or modification of sound or visual characteristics or both, in order to prevent the unauthorized reception of a programme transmitted in that signal by persons without the authorized equipment intended to eliminate the effects of such modification or modification. (3) `intellectual property rights` means copyright and related rights, trademarks, patents, layout designs (topographies), integrated circuits, coded satellite signals, confidential information (trade secrets), industrial designs and property rights. (4) `legitimate distributor of an encrypted satellite signal` means, in a Contracting Party, the person who originally transmitted the signal. 5. of this part. . . .