Ch Robinson Carrier Agreement

As a promoter of C.H. Robinson, it is easy to find charges. We have tens of thousands of shipments available every day of the year and carrier representatives who will help you find the right freight. But we go further. We offer contract carrier programs to help you prepare for more shipments, more business and more success. As part of the Carrier Advantage program, we have divided all contracted airlines into three different levels based on service levels. Navisphere Carrier is free for all C.H. Robinson contract airlines. To get started, simply create a Navisphere account. Our promoters receive more than personalized services and access to thousands of shipments per day. You can participate in one (or more) of our preferred carrier programs, stand out from your competitors, and even get more freight opportunities. Some shippers specifically request contract carriers certified as minority- owned, veteran owners or small contractors. If you identify your business in one or more of these categories or are certified by one of the following agencies, this program may offer you special freight opportunities: to check the status of one or more payments, log in to Navisphere Carrier or call our carrier service at 800-326-9977.

We reward contract carriers who regularly transport freight for C.H. Robinson and for doing well. Thanks to different calibration tools, we offer our contractors special possibilities for more business. As a C.H. Robinson contract carrier, you qualify for a special subscription offer from CargoNet®. With CargoNet® reporting cargo theft is very simple. You make a call and then share the relevant information with law enforcement, investigators, and even insurance companies for you. CargoNet® not only makes the process quick and easy, but also analyzes cargo theft and compares domestic models to deter future flights.

Want to be a C.H. Robinson Contract Carrier? The online application is simple. Just follow the instructions that explain what documents you need and when. These Terms of Use shall be governed by, governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota, as they apply to agreements that are to be entered into and performed in their entirety in that State. . . .