Support Agreements Manager

One of the most important elements of our agreements is the availability of the Annual Roadmap Meeting where you and your team will meet with your WAC Solution partner and their collaborators to ensure that your activities are compatible with your business plan from a technological point of view. Helping you plan for the future can indeed be the most advantageous service of all. Our annual support agreements are available in several stages and include an initial localization study of your current system as well as unlimited support. With our support support, you have access to experienced consultants with years of experience working with the selected software. A quick first call can lead to a larger diagnostic call where our technical staff collects all the information needed to resolve the issue. This investigation also includes, but is not limited to: verification of account system protocols, verification of file structure and system availability, documentation of critical system passwords and documentation of all known system adjustments and verification of ongoing backup procedures. Our goal is to maintain your accounting systems accurately, quickly, uptime and securely so you can focus on day-to-day requirements, grow your business, manage costs and increase sales. And as long as the software vendor releases future updates for your software, we`ll manage the upgrade of your systems with minimal, if not minimal, downtime for your business operations. Counterpart has accomplished revolutionary work in more than 65 countries around the world.