Singtel Sales Agreement Password

In order to prevent unauthorized transactions on online payments, a unique password (OTP) may be sent to your dash phone number registered during an e-commerce transaction. The OTP must be entered for verification within 3 minutes of receipt, which significantly reduces the risk of fraudulent use of your Dash Visa virtual account. Each OTP expires after 3 minutes and is limited to a single use. After each payment, you will receive a notification with your reseller name and the transaction amount to confirm your successful transaction. Please make sure that notifications for Singtel Dash are allowed in the Android operating system settings. For added security, the customer can disable the payWave PINless mode in the Dash Visa account settings. If PINless mode is disabled, you must click on your Visa card to enter your PIN before paying at the payWave terminal. Make sure your PIN and user ID remain confidential at all times. If you suspect malicious or suspicious activity, please contact us immediately at 1800-GET-DASH (1800-438-3274) and select option 3. Your Dash account can be immediately blocked to prevent further use. Never leave your Chantel Dash session unattended. Log out each time you have been used to prevent unauthorized use. Download and install apps from official app stores like Apple App Store or Google Play Store to avoid malicious content on your mobile phone.

Install the latest software updates on your mobile device to ensure that bugs are fixed or fixed. Beware of suspicious links. Malware is usually spread via emails, websites, or text messages to trick victims into clicking on suspicious links. Do not disclose personal, financial or credit card information to little-known or suspicious sites. Avoid ”jailbreaking” or ”rotting” your device, as this makes your device more vulnerable to security breaches such as viruses and malware. Jailbrokens or rusty devices also prevent you from using the Singtel Dash app. Singtel also offers ZoneAlarm, a mobile security app that protects your personal information and data in your mobile phone from viruses in unsecured Wi-Fi apps and hotspots. Subscribe here at a low price of $2.90 per month. These callers ask for personal information such as NRIC numbers, Wi-Fi passwords, and router numbers….