Cosla Pay Agreement

”The local government recognises and appreciates the important contribution of Scottish social workers and has made considerable efforts to come together to reach an agreement that confirms the living wage and supports providers who incur additional costs related to COVID-19. Today`s announcement reflects the importance of the status of welfare workers and confirms assistance to the sick or self-isolating. » Why you earn better As members know, Unite is launching your 2021 salary campaign to ensure the essential and invaluable work you`ve done and accomplished. Adequate recognition Over the past decade, local government employees have been among the most affected by the austerity measures imposed on you. Last week, the Prime Minister announced a pay rise of around 3.1% for public sector employees in England and Wales – but not for local civil servants, their offer is very, much less! In the latest round of wage negotiations in Scotland, the Scottish government decided that local civil servants earn 3% less than teachers. Although the agreement reached was that, if another public body obtained a higher rate, wage negotiations could resume, the Scottish government refused to do so, cosla no longer offered money and thus broke against the wage agreement! Unite members cannot tolerate this type of behaviour if they are still on the front line, if they are still among the lowest paid workers in all of Scotland and if they continue to provide an essential service despite the continuous reduction in resources. JUST A FEW OF THE REASONS WHY YOU DESERVE BETTER! NEWSLETTER Municipalities 2021 Paid campaign DATE 27 July 2020 Is your information up to date? Check your data and membership online. To do this, click to get a complete overview of the information Unite provides you. This way, you can also update your data. If you know one of your colleagues who wants to have a say in their salary, forward this newsletter and encourage them to join a union – encourage them to join Unite. You can do this easily by going to UNIT – BECAUSE YOU EARN BETTER! ”Today`s adoption is the result of the determination of both sides to reach an agreement.

And I am very pleased with the support that the unions have given today.