Uaw Local 160 Agreement

If the National Council approves the interim contract, local union officials will convene meetings with the rank and file to explain the conditions. Meanwhile, Aramark Corp.`s janitors are reviewing the details of an interim agreement. The 850 UAW members employed by Aramark Corp. who maintain five GM sites – Hamtramck, Warren, Flint, Grand Blanc and Parma, Ohio – have been on strike since September 15. The union reached an interim agreement with Aramark on Thursday, but Aramark employees will not cross the UAW-GM pickets to get back to work. Local 1097 in Rochester, N.Y., rejected the agreement by an overwhelming majority, with 83% of members voting ”no.” ”A lot of people say a lot of things, but their portfolios dictate a lot of what they`re going to do, and that`s a great deal,” Yakim said. ”But I have a chip on my shoulder above what happened (in Lordstown).” Follow us for the Lab Parade. Free t-shirts for members who walk with us. Free bus trip from the local to the parade. Voting began on Saturday and a simple majority is needed to ratify the treaty. The UAW wants local unions representing workers in 55 GM establishments in 19 member states to submit their ratification vote until .m Friday at 4pm. Training sessions and voting hours are determined by the union`s local units. The official results will not be known until the votes of all the premises are available and calculated.

”So it was a big sensitive point about what these four plants were going to become in the United States,” Dziczek says. ”And we still don`t know, because we haven`t seen the preliminary agreement and how they solved it.” Here is a sample when some locals vote according to their sites: some workers said they were undecided, others said they were in force and others opposed it. Some union members felt that the agreement was good for temporary workers, while others disagreed. GM shut down Lordstown in March and deported nearly 2,000 workers. Most of them have switched jobs at GM plants outside the state. But they hoped the preliminary agreement would include a new product to restart Lordstown, not the agreement. The more than 5,000 members of UAW Local 598 in Flint, the largest local, gave a yes or no to the preliminary agreement to Union City Fields. The vote closed at 18 .m. The interim agreement would end the current two-stage compensation system over the four-year contract and automatically make hundreds of temporary workers permanent employees. A person familiar with the conversations said these two topics were ”great benefits.” But a local UAW chief said the agreement had covered workers for the next four years and that it was ”the best deal that negotiators could get at this stage.” He refused to be identified because he does not have the authority to speak about the union.